Poison The Well

by The Perfect Human Example


This reacTable set is a dark and evil sounding place. So go cut the head off a bat, make a circle of virgin blood and sit in the middle. Not for clubbing (except if you find yourself hanging out with Ozzy and Charles Manson).

Best listened to with a .45 in your mouth. Play loud. T

his song is dedicated to Dave Ed, Noah Landis, and especially Midori Niemi, and Julie Martinez for encouraging me to pursue my music again - FR <8>

by, Freud Reia, Tim Holehouse


Samples, Oliver North, Carl Segan, Black Books, IT Crowd


released March 14, 2013
Original song, Samples heavily modified from several sources




The Perfect Human Example London, UK

Together since 2004, breaking timezones and eardrums.

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